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Jul 24, 2023

We all have fears that drive how we think and behave. If we don’t acknowledge them, they kill our potential. In this episode, Bob Stewart and Chad Hyams discuss identifying and managing deathlines, a term coined by Educational Psychologist, co-founder of Creativity Effect, and author of “The Deathline: Stopping the #1 All-Time Killer of Human Potential," Karen Tilstra.

In this episode, we cover the following:

  • What is the deathline? [4:07]  
  • Why do we set deathlines? [6:05]
  • Why do we get caught up in fear, shame, and rejection? [6:50]
  • Is your deathline really keeping you safe? [11:00]
  • The gateway to improvement [12:35]
  • Identifying your deathlines [13:52]
  • The tollbooth technique for dealing with deathlines [14:35]
  • Are deathlines killing your potential? [18:00]
  • Physical and social deathlines [19:20]
  • Pause, breathe, and ask yourself what is going on [21:40]
  • Learning how to work with things [23:05]
  • Commonalities with deathlines [26:03]
  • Creating shared experiences [29:05]
  • How the “Yes, And” game creates possibilities [33:08]
  • The four ace words: space, grace, pace, and place [35:25]
  • Behaviors and deathlines [37:44]
  • Operating life at a manageable pace [35:53]
  • Strengthening your listening skills [40:11]
  • Managing your pace [42:48]

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